The £10 Challenge – Powder Monkey

By Joe Cummings

Manchester: City of wildly varying weather conditions. Sometimes we have glorious, beaming sunshine, occasionally we have the odd drop of rain.

If you’re looking for an escape from the blazing sun or a torrential downpour, and have a few pounds to spend on something a little different, why not keep safe and dry in the confines of one of Manchester’s most striking buildings, the Royal Exchange Theatre.

Arthur Miller’s play, A View From The Bridge, is currently running in the main theatre, but in the Studio, the smaller, adjoining theatre, is the riveting Powder Monkey by Amanda Dalton.

Returning to the Studio after a national tour, the play is concerned with ideas such as: “Being at war and making peace, about children in an adult world, and children in a world without adults.”

Following the lives of three young people; unsupervised and un-cared for Stella and Worm in England, and AK, a child soldier in an unnamed war-torn African country, the play delves into the dreams, games and fears of children forced to be adults too soon.

Well observed dialogue and some very funny lines combine with powerful depictions of war and violence in this one-hour, one-act play.

Written specifically for younger audiences, but in no way a children’s piece of theatre, this is a play that raises questions and provides points for discussion. A great piece of theatre to attend as a family, although not necessarily suitable for very young children.

Tickets are £10 full priced and just £4 for under 14’s.

See for tickets and times, or call the box office on 0161 8339833.

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