Piccadilly Pulse: Are Fifa right to allow England players to wear poppies?

By Michael F Renton

After Fifa made a u-turn on banning the poppy from player’s shirts this Remembrance Sunday, we asked the people of Manchester if they think it was the right move…

Do you think Fifa made the right decision allowing players to wear a poppy during Sunday’s match?

Don’t care0%

Robbie Pollock, 26, Irishman living in Manchester, journalist

“It potentially opens the floor for other teams to commemorate, will Ireland start wearing a Lilly?”

Sam Rose, 21, Phone salesman, Oldham

“I think Fifa should have stuck with their first decision, now they just look weak.”

Sarah White, 28, retail assistant, Stockport

“I don’t think it’s a problem because it’s not actually on the shirt.”

Art Spencer, 72, Birchwood, Retired

“It is a disgrace that the y ever considered not allowing them to wear the poppy.”

Jaqui Williams, 34, in IT, Swinton

“I wear my poppy every year with pride, and think if you want to wear yours, you should be allowed.”

Geoff Pebblesworth, 54, owns a limo company, London

“I feel it is our duty as those who live in a free world, which has been paid for with the blood of our fallen ancestors, to wear the poppy and remember them.”

Sajhid Karnen, 20, Rusholme, Barman

“I think it is a political symbol and shouldn’t be worn because it shows bias.”

Barbara Johnson, 38, Denton, Retail

“We are allowed to wear the poppy at my work, and I do, but I have heard a few stories coming up over the last few years of people not being able to wear the poppy and I find this disturbing.”

Neil Plate, 40, Ashton, Manager of a McDonalds

“It is the football team of this country and so they should be allowed to wear the poppy which is a symbol of this country’s commemoration of those who have fought in all wars, good and bad.”

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