Jordan Suckley – In Trance We Trust: Landing the Radio 1 slot and new tracks

By Jordan Suckley, Radio 1 DJ

MM are proud to welcome our latest columnist Jordan Suckley, the acclaimed trance and progressive DJ and producer, to our pages.

Jordan, from the North West himself, has just landed BBC Radio 1’s ‘In New DJs We Trust’ slot and is a resident DJ for Goodgreef – a regular at Sankeys in Manchester.

So, without further ado, we’ll hand over to the man himself…


Well guys, to start with the big news… landing a spot on Radio 1!

In July last year, Radio 1 emailed my management team asking for me to send them a demo, so I got straight on it, prepared a pilot show for them and sent it over. A few weeks later they emailed to say they really liked it and would be in touch.

I was in communication with them for quite a few months, although I only found out I had the show about two or three weeks ago and was told my show would start in April, which was fantastic news!

The whole idea around my show is that I will be covering everything you would expect to hear on a usual Trance night, which is from the Warm up, Progressive, Uplifting Trance and also the more driving Tech Trance as well so it will have all bases covered.

I am planning on getting some guests on the show and also have some special features lined up too!


New tracks

I have had a very busy few months in terms of my own productions, I went through a phase last year like many Trance producers, of deciding what route to go down (House or Trance), although I have now chosen my direction of Chunky Tech Trance & the more banging side of Trance too!


Jordan Suckley- Prisoner (orig mix) Discover Records

I actually made the melody for this track when I was on tour with Simon Patterson last year in Australia. I finished the track off when I returned and it will now be coming out on Discover in around May time with a remix.


Jordan Suckley ft Leanne Thomas- Thunder (orig mix) Night Vision

This track originally started off as an anthem for a festival I was going to be playing, but the festival was then cancelled, so I turned it in to a new vocal project. It’s currently released on Beatport and has been getting support from Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery & Simon Patterson!


Upcoming gigs

I have got quite a hectic diary for the next few months including my debut in Argentina with Simon Patterson, John Askew and a load of others. The promoter is putting us all in a villa and keeping us over for four or five days, so it is going to be pretty wild I imagine! More on this next time… watch this space.

Also I will be heading back to Tall Trees to play Fire it up in May with Eddie Halliwell, Sander van Doorn and Michael Woods. I will be playing a back to back set with Bryan Kearney for this one, not to be missed!


New equipment

I recently bought a new 13inch Macbook Pro i7, so I can use Traktor & Logic when on the road. I took it to my first gig last weekend and the DJ on before me spilt beer on it- lovely! Not broken though thankfully!

A new synth I have been using quite a bit recently is BazzISM, which is a synth to make your own kicks from a sine. You can get some really heavy kick sounds, but works best when you layer it up with some other kicks to add more body!


Jordan Suckley’s top three tracks of the month

1. Ummet Ozcan- Miami Sundown (orig mix), Reset Records

Huge fan of Ummet Ozcan, and really loving the melody on this track as it has real emotion in the chords and is very catchy! I have played it out quite a few times and it’s gone down really well!


2. Simon Patterson- So what (orig mix), Night Vision

Great to see Simon experimenting with some different styles with this track, it must have taken him ages to edit all of the techy stabs & FX. I love the groove and the drop really goes off in a club! It’s a perfect track for bridging from warm up, to taking your set up a gear!



3. Heatbeat- Rocker monster (orig mix), Captivating

These guys are causing some serious damage at the minute, I love this new sound they are pushing which is kind of Complextro Trance. They have been getting support from all the usual Trance guys but also people in the House scene such as Porter Robinson etc! This track is massive I have been hammering this one!


Jordan Suckley is currently signed to Spinnin’ Records and is a resident for Goodgreef and also InsideOut at the Arches in Glasgow. You can visit his website here.

You can hear Jordan’s top three picks of the month, and get all his latest news and tour information on his monthly blog, here on MM.

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