Some might say… – 13/05/2011

By Joe Cummings

A round of some the stranger pieces of news and soundbites from Manchester this week…


“He loves to score goals, but he very much plays by his own rules.”

Neil Martin, manager of the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, Rossendale, talking about Jeffrey the footballing pony. A video of the two-year-old miniature pony has already been viewed over 14,000 times on YouTube. Well, if anyone needs a pacey winger, they know where to look…


“There aren’t many places where you can get married in the same room as a T-Rex.”

Chloe Gray, Corporate Director at the Manchester Museum points out one of the many unique aspects of their newly-available wedding facilities. Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a 40ft long model, declined to comment, but is available for pictures, we’re told.


“How can they expect to keep the prisoners in if they can’t keep the burglars out?”

A query from an inmate at HMP Sudbury, Derbyshire, upon hearing the news that a group of burglars broke in to the prison’s workshop, making off with tools, hoses and gas cylinders. At least once caught, they’ll know where they’re going.


Why did the ducklings cross the road? Because of a home-made slide! The Benneta family of Rochdale discovered a nest of baby Mallards in one of their hanging baskets, so Lee Benneta fashioned a wooden slide, covered with a blanket and watched as the young brood escaped to the safety of the Rochdale Canal. “It was amazing to see them crossing over the road.” Said Kate Benneta.


“It’s quite embarrassing really. We were in the papers for the ironing board incident and now this.”

Michelle Thomas and her young son Alex have had to call for help from the Fire service after Alex caught his toe in the mechanism of his micro-scooter whilst wearing flip-flops. This comes just months after firefighters were called out to free Michelle’s hand when she caught it in her ironing board.


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