£10 Challenge: St Patrick’s Day Playlist

By Ian Silvera

It’s almost here. No, not New Year’s Day in Iran, it’s St Patrick’s Day today and to help you unleash the inner Irish man, we’ve compiled a playlist of jigs for only £10.

The first song in our playlist is Dropkick Murphys’ Kiss me, I’m Sh*faced. Yes, I know, no one from Dropkick Murphys is Irish, but they do have Irish heritage and this Celtic punk ballad sums up what Paddy’s Day is about: pretending your Irish, getting grossly intoxicated and singing loudly.

Notable lyrics: “So kiss me, I’m sh*faced/I’m soaked, I’m soiled and brown/in the trousers, she kissed me/And I only bought her one round.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

Sadly, Rory Gallagher passed away in 1995. Gallagher left a portfolio of amazing guitar fuelled songs for us all to enjoy.  Jimi Hendrix was once asked how it felt to be the world’s greatest guitarist, he said: “I don’t know, ask Rory Gallagher.” So, second on our playlist is Rory Gallagher’s Goin’ to My Hometown.

Notable lyrics: “Yes, I’m going to my hometown/Sorry Baby, I can’t take you/I’ve only got one ticket, and I can’t afford two.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

I could’ve suggested Whiskey in the Jar, I could’ve suggested Jailbreak, and I could’ve suggested The Boys are Back in Town. Nope, that would be too obvious, boys and girls.  Instead, the third spot on our £10 challenge St Patrick’s Day playlist is reserved for Thin Lizzy’s Emerald. Incredible vocals, a duel guitar solo, and one of the best rhythm sections in rock ‘n’ roll history, what more do you want?

Notable lyrics: “Then onwards over the mountain/And outwards towards the sea/ They had come to claim the emerald/Without it they could not leave.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

This song is best accompanied with a dram of whisky, Cuban cigars and discussion with bohemian types about obscure poetry. Coming in at number four on our £10 challenge St Patrick’s Day playlist is Van Morrison’s Moondance. Have they played this during a montage on Mad Men yet?

Notable lyrics: “Well, it’s a marvellous night for a moondance/With the stars up above in your eyes/ A fantabolous night to make romance.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

We’re half-way there and you’re all wondering what’s next. Well, named after a collection of stories by James Joyce, the Dubliners have been around since 1962. I saw Seán Cannon play our next song in a small, packed bar. The gig was great, I don’t remember much else. It’s the Dubliners’ rendition of Whisky in the Jar.

Notable Lyrics: “Mush-a ring dum-a do dum-a da/Wack fall the daddy-o, wack fall the daddy-o/
There’s whiskey in the jar.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

Do you remember the 90s? Oasis, Teletubbies, Live and Kickin’, WWF and Gladitors were just some of the joys of the decade, pop music was the other joy.  In 1995 The Corrs released Runaway, it only reached number 49 on the UK’s single chart, but when their record company repacked the song as a remix in 1999 the song peaked at number two on the UK’s single chart.

Notable Lyrics: “I would runaway/ I would runaway yeah-eh-yeah/I would run away/ I would runaway with you.”    

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

I couldn’t miss them out from the list. Well, suppose I could’ve. Anyway, when South Park’s Randy Marsh broke the Guinness world record for the largest human faeces, an opinionated Irish rock-star called Bono emerged from his rear-end. Without further ado, our next song is U2’s One.

Notable Lyrics: “One love One life/When it’s one need/In the night/One love/We get to share it/Leaves you baby if you/Don’t care for it.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

They’re not quite Coldplay, they’re not quite The Fray, they’re not quite The Script, and they’re not quite Kean. Who could these unique innovators of music be? It’s Snow Patrol with Run.

Notable Lyrics: “Light up, light up/As if you have a choice/Even if you cannot hear my voice/I’ll be right beside you, dear.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

The late John Peel’s favourite song is the next song on our playlist. Peel even requested that the lyrics ‘Teenage dreams, so hard to beat’ were engraved on his tombstone. Next up is The Undertone’s Teenage Kicks.

Notable Lyrics: “I’m gonna call her on the telephone/Have her over ’cause I’m all alone/I need/Excitement oh I need it bad/And she’s the best, I’ve ever had.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

This is it – number 10. I once typed my name into a boy-band name generator and it came out with Dannie Walkslikeadove. The last song on our St Patrick’s Day £10 challenge playlist is Westlife’s Raise Me Up.

Notable Lyrics: “(Stand up from your bar stool and…) You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains/You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas/I am strong when I am on your shoulders/You raise me up to more than I can be.”

Price: £0.99 (iTunes Store)

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