The £10 Challenge – Give a little to help a lot this Christmas

By Nick Rawcliffe

With only just over a week until Christmas, you may be thinking about your last minute shopping or where to get your turkey from.

However, why don’t you instead of paying that extra more this Christmas why not think about the people who may not be having such a merry time.

There are many people across Manchester and the UK who may be alone this Christmas or who might not be able to spend Christmas at home.

As this is the festive period and a time to be happy you can spend that extra bit of money on a donation this Christmas.

This may not seem as much a challenge but in many cases just donating £1 can make all the difference to someone this Christmas.

There are many different charities across Manchester that could use your help this Christmas and it definitely comes under £10.

The Lifeshare at Christmas is one charity that will be helping those people on their own this Christmas.

They are seeking volunteers and donations to help bring a merry Christmas for those who are homeless or on their own this Christmas.

ITV recently started the ‘text santa’ charity this Christmas to help those whose lives will be far from happy this Christmas.

They have teamed up with a number of charities to help those families who may have a member in hospital this Christmas and to bring together those who again are spending their Christmas alone.

The great thing about this weeks £10 challenge is that any amount of money really does make a difference.

From £1 to £10 all the money donated counts and remember volunteering is free and can bring you and many others that happy feeling over the Christmas period.

There are many charities that can make such a difference this Christmas. Here are some who you can donate to in the Manchester area.

Kidney’s for Life fundraises for MINT (Manchester Institute of Nephrology and Transplantation) aims to help those suffering from kidney diseases. To donate go to 

St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester – to make a donation call 0161 498 3631

Lifeshare at Christmas – to donate or volunteer call 0161 839 9631

Text Santa – donate by sending a text saying SANTA1 for a donation of £1, SANTA5 for a donation of £5 or SANTA10 for a donation of £10 its really that easy!

Make a difference this Christmas by making a donation that will help thousands of people across Manchester.

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