Piccadilly Pulse: How has Gary Neville performed as a Sky Sports pundit so far?

By Robert James Pollock

Gary Neville was certainly not the obvious choice to fill the boots of Messrs Gray and Keys following their unceremonious exit from Sky Sports.

Neville called time on his Manchester United career in February of this year and it quickly became rumoured that he had landed a role with the television giants.

England’s most capped right-back makes no illusions of his status as a ‘Red’ having just launched his auto-biography bearing that very name at Manchester’s Trafford Centre today.

 The notion of the ‘impartial pundit’ came under some scrutiny with Neville’s appointment to the punditry box and up until now the reaction has been varied.

One less than impressed viewer has even gone to the bother of launching an e-petition to ‘Get Gary Neville off Sky-sports’ but rather bizarrely he has got the backing of Oasis’ Noel Gallagher.

Gallagher said: “I like him as a pundit and I’ll tell you why, because he has only just finished playing and his words carry more weight than the likes of Alan Shearer or Alan Hansen or any of that lot”.

Almost six weeks into his tenure with Sky Mancunian Matters took to the streets in order to gauge what the people of Piccadilly had to say about Neville the pundit…

How do you thing Gary Neville has performed as a Sky Sports pundit so far?




James Bottomley, 18, Rochdale, Man Utd fan.

“He’s unreal, knows what he’s on about. What a guy”!


Anthony Lyons, 35, Manchester, Man City Fan.

“He’s a d**k.”


James Acton, 32, Newton Heath, Man City fan.

“He’s done alright for a little weasel! But Gray and Keyes, I’m still missing them”.


Richard Mason, 49, Leeds, Man Utd fan.

“I love Gary Neville. He has an opinion and doesn’t sit on the fence like Redknapp and co.”


Gary Farrell, 25, London, Man City fan.

“As a City fan I’m ashamed to admit that I have been massively impressed with Neville, seems like an alright bloke after all”.


James McEwen, 28, Deansgate, Man Utd fan.

“I think he looks awkward, he needs to stop fidgeting”.


Paul Mellon, 21, Piccadilly, Man Utd fan.

“Gary Neville he’s a red, he’s a red, he’s a red” [Singing].

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