The £10 Challenge – Royal Wedding weirdness

By Charlotte Duncker

With less than a month to go until the Royal Wedding, excitement has hit fever pitch and memorabilia can be bought all over the city and beyond. From the weird to the wonderful MM has a look at what you can buy with £10.

For a royal cup of tea you can buy these specially designed tea bags. This pack of five can be purchased for £10 from Selfridges or alternatives are available with just the bride and groom.

If the idea of the event gets you a bit hot and bothered then you may find these next items of some use. Crown Jewels are Royal Wedding inspired condoms that encourage you to “Lie back and think of England.” The box also contains a collectable portrait of the royal couple. A box of three can be bought from for £5.

Before the big day you have just about enough time to knit a whole royal wedding congregation of your own. Knit your own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble can be bought from Selfridges or online for £9.99 and features patterns for all the main members of the family.

If you want to pass the time before the big day then you can have a game of royal wedding top trumps. Make sure to get hold of Kate Middleton though if you want maximum points in the game. These can be bought from various online sites for £5.

In addition to these weird and wacky things there are of course the obligatory tea towels, biscuits tins and mugs available to buy.

And for those really on a budget a whole array of goodies can be found at the pound shop.

Finally, if the Royal Wedding really isn’t your cup of tea then maybe these special sick bags might be of use to you. Lydia Leith has designed royal wedding sick bags which can be bought from for £3.  The design of the bags has a print of the happy couple on the front of the bag.

NAUSEOUS?: Royal wedding sick bag

FANCY A CUPPA?: Royal wedding themed tea bags take the traditional English cup of tea to the next level

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Royal wedding card games are now available

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