Piccadilly Pulse: Facebook fury at the courts – 18/06/2011

By Alex Johnston

Manchester juror Joanne Fraill was jailed for six months for contempt of court this week after contacting a defendant in a £6million drugs trial over Facebook, causing the case to collapse.

We asked people in Piccadilly Gardens the Piccadilly Poll:

Have you, or anyone you know, every landed themselves in trouble through use of social networking sites?

Options Results

Sara Robbins, 47, Car Dealer, Altrincham.

“I have two accounts on Facebook. One is for social use and one is for business. I take a lot of care over the professional one, as we’ve been told at work how much damage these sites can cause to our careers.”

Tom Maguire, 30, Insurance worker, Manchester.

“I deleted my account so nothing like what happened to her could happen to me. I missed it at first, I was so used to it, but not these days.”

Astra Halez, 20, Call Centre Worker, Eccles.

“I only use Facebook to share photos of nights out. People should know the rules. Anyone who doesn’t is an idiot. Making comments can’t be worth jeopardising your job.”

Alice Vaughn, 69, retired teacher, Sale.

“I use it to keep up with ex-colleagues and students. It’s so useful, I think we take these things for granted these days, like mobile phones. People can take it too far, but the majority of people are responsible enough to deal with it.”

Dan Worthing, 24, Supermarket worker, Salford.

“I can’t believe somebody would be that stupid. She took it too far. I’m glad she was punished, maybe that’ll be an example for others.”

Luke Taylor, 19, Unemployed, Sale.

“I think she was harshly treated. The law needs to keep up with technology, and she was thinking outside of the box.”

Paul Graham, 33, Warehouse Worker, Irmston.

“I avoid it like the plague. Never been on it. You get what’s coming to you if you mess about online. I mean, why would you? Bunch of strangers knowing what you do.”

Lauren Farnham, 23, student, Radcliffe.

“I use it all the time and don’t really think about what could go wrong. I guess if more cases come up I’ll start to be more careful. Some of my friends have no control on it, though. I’d worry more if I was like them.”

PJ Gupta, 32, BT technician, Manchester.

“They own it all, Facebook, I mean. You put it on there, they own it for life. I can see why it would be useful, but, thank you, no.”

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