They are the resurrection: Public, stars and fans’ responses to the Stone Roses’ reunion

By Stephen Sumner

With the rumours confirmed that Madchester’s own Stone Roses are set to reform for a series of no doubt sell-out gigs in 2012, MM looks at the fans’ reactions.


Stone Roses John Squire: “Two phone calls later and the band was no longer dead”

John  Maconie on Vice: “The Stone Roses already defined one generation: now they’re back to tell the next generation why the last generation was much better than their generation.”

Liam Gallagher: “Stone roses getting back together not been this happy since my kids were born”

The Guardian’s Dave Simpson: “The Reading atrocity is already being trotted out as the main reason why the Roses shouldn’t reform. Au contraire, it’s exactly why they should: to banish those memories and show the world the band they really were.”

Mark Ronson: “The Stone Roses reuniting is a bigger deal than Led Zeppelin. Strictly for the fact of how improbable it seemed until today.”

Reverend and the Makers’ Jon McClure wrote: “Right today I’m going to listen to solid Biggie Smalls and The Stone Roses in the studio and have myself a little party.”

Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown said: “Our plan is to take on the world.”

Nick Frost: As someone who went to Spike Island i’m friggin chuffed the StoneRoses are back.

Peter Hook on Stone Roses: “Talk face-to-face and look into someone’s eyes … you find the thing you loved about each other at the start.”

Graeme Swann: These rumours of a Stone Roses reunion are making my juices flow #tooyoungforspikeisland



Stone Roseologist, Wayne Hayes, said: “It’s just possible that their legacy as a live act has something to do with the fact it coincided with an era when most of the audience contained enough Ketamine to drop a rhino.”

Stuart Harris in Mojo said: “Who wants to see these hypocrites taking the corporate coin to recycle old material about things that happened years ago?”

Michael Spicer: “I don’t like The Stone Roses because I can’t bring myself to have anything in common with Vernon Kay.”

David Quantick: “It has always baffled me how, in a world containing the Happy Mondays, anyone could give a broken toss about the Stone Roses.”

Kerrang! editor James McMahon: “Music fans, replicate the Stone Roses reunion early by trumping into a trumpet for two and a bit hours”

GQ editor Alexis Petridis: “Dear Stone Roses, please don’t. Signed, A Fan x”

Plan B magazine reviews editor Louis Pattison: “Terrible news. The Stone Roses are (probably) reforming.”

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