Piccadilly Pulse: Will longer retail opening hours on Sunday encourage you to shop?

By Sophia Rahman

The Government will extend trading hours on Sundays during the Olympics with the prediction that it will lead shoppers will to spend £200 million more.

Current legislation stating large retailers can trade for six hours will be suspended for the eight-week period.

MM quizzed the people of Manchester:

Would you be more likely to shop on Sunday if the shops were open longer?



Antoni Lloyd-Hughes, 19, student from Manchester said: “Traditionally Sunday is a day of rest. People need time with their families. I hope this isn’t a trial period to for the government to bring it in permanently.”

Steve Helme, 50, charity worker from Didsbury, said: “Yes during the Olympics. It’s a good opportunity for the PLC. However, I don’t think it should be extended beyond then.”

Diane Rimmer, 40, teaching assistant from Wigan, said: “I think people should make the effort to go while the shops are open now. They are open late enough as it is.”

Andrew Chapman, 33, hotel caterer from Manchester, said: “I would be able to go shopping after I finished work if they opened later.”

Jason Nixon, 41, warehouse operative from Oldham, said: “The shops are open long enough as it is.”

Saghir Hussein, 28, sales representative from Longsight, said: “They should extend opening hours longer in summer anyway because we have more daylight. And I work in a shop and it would be good for us.”

Steven Stafford, 21, sales assistant from the city centre, said: “It’s always quiet on Sundays anyway. I wouldn’t want to work longer hours either.”

Vicky Bletsiou, 25, dentist from Cheadle Hulme, said: “It’s fine as it is now.”

Ben Coleman, 31, designer from the city centre, said: “It wouldn’t encourage me. I already shop on Sundays as it is.”

Gemma Conner, 24, waitress from Stockport, said: “If I was passing and it was open then I would go in.”

Rachel Wilson, 30, activist from Fallowfield, said: “If a shop was open I would go in on impulse.”

Sonoe Shimizu, 33, Architect’s assistant from Manchester, said: “If shops are open longer then you can sleep in late.”

D. Spencer, 70, retired from Manchester said: “It isn’t necessary and the buses don’t start until 10.30.”


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