Piccadilly Pulse: Should all drugs be decriminalised in the UK?

By Marya Yasin

The Liberal Democrats recently voted to establish a panel to consider the decriminalisation of all drugs.

They are also proposing that the current legislation on drugs, which include jail sentences and fines, should be replaced and superseded with a focus on rehabilitation and education of those in possession of drugs.  

In light of this, for this week’s Piccadilly Pulse, we decided to ask the good people of Manchester whether they agreed with the Lib Dems….

Recently the Liberal Democrats have proposed establishing a panel to consider decriminalising all drugs. In light of this, do you think that all drugs should be decriminalised?

Only some drugs30



Siraj Master, 35, Sales Assistant: “It’s no good. People don’t know what they are doing while on drugs.”

Mark Clarke, 31, Mason, Housekeeping and Hospitality: “I’m a Rastafarian and smoking marijuana is part of my culture and is smoked during religious ceremonies. It is a part of my identity.”

Martin Cullen, 60, unemployed : “I dabbled in marijuana years ago and don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I nearly killed myself by drinking too much alcohol. This made me realise that if you get mixed in alcohol and drugs you tell yourself 1,000 lies before you realise you need help. Drugs consume you.”

Peter Johns, 52, Council Worker:  “People are still going to take drugs. It doesn’t matter if they decriminalise it.”

Francine Wilson, 51, Jewellery Designer:  “I’m anti-drugs completely.”

Anonymous: “I think it hypnotises people and pulls people away from reality. If you have them decriminalised, people will be more tempted to try them.”

Anonymous:  “Drugs are dangerous. People will kill themselves.”

Harvey McNally, 16, Student: “Weed should be decriminalised. It’s like smoking cigarettes and weed is the same. Some drugs ruin people’s lives.”

Paul James, 44, Head of Service: “I think we should get to the root cause of why people take drugs and not focus on the end cause.”

Paul Johnson, 42, Trafford Council Worker: “Criminalising drugs is part of the problem. It has been illegal for decades and people have fought against authority and the law.”

Anonymous: “Put me down for five yes’.”

Anonymous: “The UK is not like Amsterdam. The UK needs a great deal of foundational work in order to decriminalise drugs. In Amsterdam for example, local people do not take drugs because there has been a great deal of foundational work put in.”


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