Piccadilly Pulse: The royal wedding – 28/04/2011

By Stuart Lewis

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow is one of the biggest events of the year for some. MM finds out how Mancunians are celebrating it…

Nick Rogers, 21, Student, Rusholme
“I’ll enjoy the day off but I won’t be doing anything special for the royal wedding. I’m pro-royal family, they entertain me through things like tourism, and the royal family is what makes us stand out from other countries.”

Max Pisuto, 21, Debt Recovery Officer, Piccadilly
“I’ll probably be doing nothing for the wedding and I don’t actually know anyone that’s watching it. It’s my birthday next weekend – that’s more important and I’ll be going out and having a few beers to celebrate it.”

Jordan Flynn, 23, Unemployed, Failsworth
“My family are making a party of it – like the old coronation. They will be gathering around the tv, with triangle sandwiches, flags etc. They’re not massive royalists. But anyone British appreciates the scale of the event – because it’s the future king. I would love to watch it but I will be job hunting to secure my future, not everyone has the time to appreciate William’s fortune.”

Paul Kamara, 34, Driver, Sale
“I’m going to watch it. It’s a lovely thing when people come together like that. To me the royal family is good and I respect them.”

Anon, Piccadilly
“What wedding is that? Which one is getting married, the one with the brown hair or the red hair? Oh, Lovely!”

Lucy Brown, 29, Charity Worker, Manchester
“I won’t be doing anything on the day because I’ll be working but I think it’s quite a patriotic occasion. I’m not really that interested in the royal family but they do bring a lot of money into our country.”

Kash Hussain, 23, Data Processor, Moss Side
“I’ve got the day off and I’ll probably catch some of it on the tv because my mum will probably have it on. I’ve never really had an interest in the royal family though.”

Abi Pearson, 20, Waitress, Piccadilly

“I’m probably going to watch it with my friends, we might have tea and scones. I think we might also play royal wedding bingo. I don’t really have any thoughts about the Royals really, though they are good for tourism.”

Jean Johnson, Age Not Given, Retired, Bolton
“I’m not really interested in the royal wedding. I think that the royal family is just too big and there are too many of them.”

Pete Norris, 28, Charity Fund Raiser, Whalley Range
“I’m not doing anything for it and I don’t know anyone that is doing anything, people round by me don’t really care.”

Anon, Piccadilly
“Yeah I like the royal family, I’ll probably be watching it but I won’t be doing much else for it. I believe that the monarchy is essential for our constitution, to keep the politicians in check.”

Simon Surname Not Given, 26, Cosmetics Worker, Ashton
“I’m not particularly that fussed with the wedding, I’m not directly affected by it. I think the royal family is an outdated institution seen to be living a life of luxury.”

Will Carr, 31, Art Centre Worker, Old Trafford
“I will be working but I know that there’s a street party in the northern quarter on Edge Street I may join afterwards. I think the royal family do a lot of good work for charity.”

Jenny Jones, 40, IT Solutions, Manchester
“I’ll probably be going to the pub on the day but I’m not really that interested in the wedding. I think I’m glad that we’ve got a royal family but it’s not very good if you’re a couple struggling along financially and you see them getting married.”

Anon, Piccadilly
“I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible, I’m flicking through the channels working hard to find something that it’s not on.”

Jill Bates, 38, IT Backup, Denton
“On Thursday we will be decorating our charity shop with red, white and blue to celebrate it. I’m working on Friday night but I will definitely be watching the wedding. I think the royal family are great.”

Andrew Wilson, 26, Financial Consultant, Altrincham
“I might watch a bit of the wedding on the tv, but I won’t be doing anything in particular. I’m pretty ambivalent towards the royal family.”

Anon, Piccadilly
“No I’m not doing anything for the wedding. I’m in training to be a doctor so I don’t have much time. I think that the royal family are a waste of time and money.”

Robert Smith, 38, Sellafield Worker, Piccadilly
“I won’t be doing anything for it, but on the day I may go to the pub. I’m not bothered by the royal family.  When Charles and Diana married there was quite a bit going on in the streets but I’ve noticed there’s nothing like that this time around.”

 Anon, Piccadilly
“I’m happy to be getting the day off and I’ll be watching the wedding until half one, then I’ll be going to the mosque. I think the royal family do a wonderful job.”

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