The £10 Challenge – Heaton Park’s Easter Fun Fair

By Joe Cummings

Got £10 to spare this bank holiday weekend? Yes? Course you do.

Well now that’s settled, MM highly recommends taking in the bank holiday sunshine at Heaton Park’s Easter Fun Fair.

Admission to the Fair is free, so that £10 can be spent on enjoying the rides or treating you and the family at the many different food and drink stands.

Heaton Park, just four miles north of Manchester city centre is easily accessible by tram, bus or car and family Metrolink tickets provide a cost-effective, simple way of getting there.

So if you fancy a spin on the dodgems, a birds-eye view from the ferris wheel, or simply a sunny stroll through the parks many acres, Heaton Park is our tip for a fun-filled bank holiday weekend.

Open from 12pm to 7.30pm, the fair runs until Sunday 1st May.

FUN AT THE FAIR: The fun fair last year, when the weather clearly wasn’t as good

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