Piccadilly Pulse: How far is too far defending your home? – 28/06/2011

By Kathryn Cummings

We asked people in Piccadilly Gardens the Piccadilly Poll:

Should there be a limit to the amount of force you can use to defend your property?

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Steven Price, 19, student, Manchester.

“If someone has the cheek to break into your property, they know the risks they are taking, so people should be able to use whatever force necessary to protect themselves and their house, there should be no limits to the amount of force you can use.”

Robert Hills, 30, builder, Sale.

“There should be no limits in place, I wouldn’t hesitate to use any kind of force if a burglar entered my house, end of the day you are protecting yourself.”

Sarah Morris, 21, student, Manchester.

“I think there should be limits in place, I don’t believe you should have the right to attack or murder someone if they break into your house.”

Charlotte Roberts, 21, student, Manchester.

“I think people should be allowed certain limits, if they are just stealing you shouldn’t have the right to physically harm them, but if they intend to do you harm I think you should be allowed use reasonable force, the first thing you should do is ring the police not think of attacking the intruder, your risking your own life then.”

Ben Hunt, 32, builder, Altrincham.

“If a burglar came into my home, I would use the all force I had to protect my wife and baby. I think it’s a joke we have a law that limits us to what we can do in our own homes, I pay my mortgage so I’m entitled to protect my home in whatever way I want.”

John Gibson, 44, office worker, Salford.

“You’re allowed to use reasonable force aren’t you? But what is that exactly? There is a massive need for limits to be set out so people know what they can and can’t do. Or there will be more and more situations like Tony Martin.”

Paul Clifton, 28, office worker, Manchester.

“There should be no limits in the amount of force you can use, if someone entered my property uninvited there would be no negotiation, I would use full force.”

Danny Mills, 27, office worker, Levenshulme.

“The law is stupid, I don’t think there should be any limits. Our country is a soft touch, we are practically inviting these burglars into our house and are meant to do nothing apart from call the police. It’s ridiculous.”

Sharon King, 61, retired, Moston.

“There should definitely be a limit set out for all homeowners to control behaviour. If someone broke into my house, the first thing I would do is call the police. I don’t understand these people that want to start fighting with intruders, someone always gets hurt or worse.”

Karen Smith, 22, shopworker, Rochdale.

“When people use violence in this type of situation it makes everything ten times worse, there always should be limits in place. If we don’t have limits on the force we can use our country will just turn into America, and I don’t want that.”

Ben Hunt, 32, Builder, Altrincham.

“If a burglar came into my home, I would use any type of force to protect my house and my family.”



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