Piccadilly Pulse: Should we remain in the EU? – 29/10/2011

By Melanie Hughes

The Eurozone crisis has sparked mass debates all over the world and after a long night during the week the most powerful leaders in Europe decided on the way forward.

The countries currently in the Euro have joined together to unite economic policies and now it’s feared that the UK and other non-Euro countries may be seen as a second class citizens.

This prompted MM to ask the people of Manchester:

Should we remain in the EU?

Yes, but with renegotiated terms26%
Don’t Care11%

Natalie Hynd, 27, shop worker, Altrincham:

“I don’t really know what the implications of not being in the EU would be.”

Simon Whitton, 38, an accountant , London:

“It depends on how much power we are now going to hand over to Brussels.”

Paul Neilson, 32, lecturer, Didsbury:

“We should, but we should not adopt the Euro.”

Susan Proudly, 43, owns own business, Fallowfield:

“I like the idea of a united Europe but what happened in Greece and those other countries puts me off a bit.”

James Miller, 51, unemployed, Salford:

“I don’t really see how it will affect me either way.”

David Perry, 20, student, Leeds:

“I don’t know what’s best under this government, I’m a bit worried.”

Lesley-Anne Smith, 45, office worker, Belper:

“I don’t want to join the Euro.”

Anthony Ruthven, 59, retired, Sale:

“I think we should have full control over our own country.”

Stephen Jonstone, 28, shop worker, Wythenshawe:

“I’m not sure, it’s easy to talk in hindsight but I’m glad we didn’t join the Euro in the first place.”

David Mulligan, 17, in full-time education, Prestwich:

“I think we’re doing fine as it is. I think we should keep things the same.”

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