Netball ignored because it is an all-girl sport, says world champion Emma Dovey

By Joseph Fitzpatrick

Northern Thunder defender and Fast Net world champion, Emma Dovey, believes netball is ignored by the media because it is an all female sport.

Speaking to Mancunian Matters she said: “Netball being the most popular and most played female sport in the country, it definitely doesn’t receive the recognition it needs by the media.

“I think because obviously it’s a female sport and female only it isn’t rated as highly as sports which men play as well, such as football. 

“Because of the influence of the media on the public, if they covered it, netball could increase its spectators hugely, which is what the sport needs.” 

Emma, 21, has played for Manchester based Superleague team Northern Thunder for three seasons and she made her international debut this autumn while on a tour of New Zealand and Australia with England.

The goal defence was part of the England team that won the Fast Net World Netball Series last week and Dovey attributes her team’s success to their embracement of the Fast Net rules: “I do think England get more into the spirit of Fast Net and I think we play more tactically for Fast Net than other countries,” she added.

“I think in general all countries embraced it more this year as there was more 2/4 pointers scored than previous years – however I think the shooters in England know the best times to try to score those two points for them to work well in our favour rather than just shooting them whenever possible. 

“I think we all believed we could win it with how we knew could play, but I don’t think we expected to win as we knew it would be a very hard task to beat to the world’s best.

“Obviously winning was the main highlight, but I think the whole experience was enjoyable and something I’ll never forget. Before the weekend I was most looking forward to running out to the fire so that was a highlight.”

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