My Olympics: Team GB water polo player Rob Parker

By Steven Oldham, Sports Correspondent

Rob Parker is a member of Great Britain’s water polo team for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The 24-year-old will be looking to help Team GB progress through a difficult group, which includes reigning Olympic champions Hungary and newly crowned European champions Serbia.

The last time Great Britain entered the water polo tournament in the Games was way back in 1956.  London 2012 represents a real opportunity for water polo to enthuse a new generation of fans.

Cheltenham-born Rob has been playing out in Spain last season for CN Terrassa, and has also played club polo in Australia, which he described as a good stepping stone for the Spanish league, where the quality is higher.

Let’s see how he fares with our questions:

What is the first Olympic Games you can remember watching?

The first Olympics I remember seeing would be Sydney 2000 I think.  However, in terms of memories, Beijing 2008 is the one that stands out in my mind.  I know it’s only the last Games but Usain Bolt’s performances in the athletics were amazing.  You also had Michael Phelps winning all his gold medals so that was pretty memorable too.

Who is your favourite Olympian (past and present) and why?

Of all time it has to be Sir Steve Redgrave, he’s amazing.  He’s definitely the best British Olympian.

In the current day, it has to be Bolt.  He has this cocky attitude before races but he can actually back it up.  He’s like the Floyd Mayweather Jr of the athletics world.

If water polo didn’t exist and you had the talent to represent Team GB in another sport, which one would you choose?

I’d say rugby.  I played quite a lot when I was at school.  There came a point though where I had to make a decision between rugby and water polo – this happened for me at around 17 when I was about to finish at sixth form.  It was getting too much to do both.

It’s good that rugby sevens is being introduced into the Olympics from the Rio Games.  I’ve not seen much of that format of the game but it seems pretty exciting.

If you could pick another sport to add to the Olympics, what would it be?

I would pick mixed martial arts.  It’s exciting and it’s on the way up – it’s getting more popular all the time.

More My Olympics will be coming to MM soon.

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