Cole should be banned from Twitter not England for ‘BUNCHOFT***S’ rampage, insists Manchester United legend

By Dean Wilkins

Ashley Cole’s ‘BUNCHOFT***S’ rampage against the FA should him banned from Twitter not playing for England, insists Manchester United legend Gary Pallister.

The Chelsea fullback was charged with improper conduct by the FA yesterday for his tirade following the release of the report into John Terry’s four-game ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

And the 31-year-old England defender, who currently sits on 98 caps, could be facing a ban from playing in Friday and Tuesday’s World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Poland.

But despite Alan Shearer calling for Cole’s ban from Roy Hodgson’s squad, his former teammate Pallister claimed they should tackle the root of the problem – social media.

“I don’t agree with the whole social networking/Twitter situation anyway,” he said at a campaign to mark the 90th season of The Football Pools. “And I think clubs should be asking players not to get involved with it.

“Time and again we are seeing players getting involved, giving a gut or an instant reaction to something that has been said, or something that has happened, and they put their foot in it.

“Once you have tweeted something, you can’t take it back. If you are not on there in the first place then it quashes it and you don’t get into trouble, you don’t get fines and suspensions.”

Cole is set two weeks’ wages by the Champions League winners – or £240,000 – and will surely be ordered to do the same by the FA, making it the biggest social media fine for a footballer to date.

“I think a fine will suffice,” Pallister added. “It is something he has said in the heat of the moment.

“We’ve all said things in the heat of the moment. And that was an instant reaction by him to being called a liar.

“You can understand someone trying to stick up for himself.

“But with the experience he has got, and what he has seen happen to others in the same sort of scenario, then he should have known better.”

Although no decision has been made on Cole’s eligibility to play, if Hodgson does choose him on Friday and Tuesday he could become the first black player to reach 100 caps for the Three Lions.

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