The Andy Gray Column: ‘Group of Death’ not cause of Manchester City’s Champions League failure – they are

By Mancunian Matters staff ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters….

Manchester City can talk all they want about their Champions League Group of Death but they did themselves absolutely no favours again on Wednesday night. 

They started slowly and they didn’t play how I expected them to, I thought they would get stuck in to Ajax from the word go because it was such an important game.

They needed to be in their faces, push them back, make them work hard – they didn’t do that. 

They let Ajax get into the game from the off and they conceded too many soft goals, but showed us what they are made of by scoring two as well. 

I think they possibly should have won it at the end, but they didn’t, and they’ve left themselves in a tough situation because they need Ajax to beat Dortmund in Amsterdam and then go and beat Real Madrid themselves. 

That could happen, but I think Dortmund are a little bit too good, and I think they will show City exactly how they should have approached the Ajax game because they will probably attack from the off. 

They are relying Ajax to keep them in it which is not an ideal situation at all. 

United have 12 points and have qualified comfortably, on the other hand, and Sir Alex Ferguson can pick and choose who he wants to play in the final two games and that’s exactly what you want if you’re a team challenging for the Premier League title. 

In all honesty Ferguson will know his team have played better, much better – they were second best to Braga for most of that game. 

It was only when the lights went out that he was able to take them into the dressing room and have words with them – I’m pretty sure he let them know exactly what he thought of their performance. 

The telling off must have worked because they looked immensely improved after that break. 

They’ve looked far from their best, they’ve struggled through and they’ve not been great to watch.

There hasn’t been a game in the Champions League they have dominated from start to finish this season and that’s not like United at all. 

But the only thing you concern yourself with, as United know from last year, is getting yourself through to the next group stage and they’ve done that with two games to spare.

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