The Andy Gray Column: If Manchester City win Premier League title they will dominate for years to come ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters…

If Manchester City do go on from here and claim the Premier League crown then it’s very hard for me to imagine a situation where they don’t dominate for plenty of years to come.

They are here for the long haul. The big worry for the other teams is that you know with absolute certainty that they will make their squad better this summer.

They already have a fantastic squad but I think one or two might go and they will be replaced by two or three quality players.

This Premier League title will be the catalyst for City and that’s what everyone is worried about. In each generation there is a team, it was United at the beginning of the Premier League then Arsenal came along with ‘The Invincibles’ then Chelsea popped their noses in for two or three years and United came back again and now up here come City.

But the title isn’t over yet, it’s going to be difficult for City because they are going into the unknown.

There will be an ‘edginess’ at the Etihad at the weekend on the terraces because that what the City fans are like.

They still won’t believe they are there until they actually cross the line. They still think something is  doing to happen that will deny them their first title in 44 years.

And I think that might transfer onto the pitch. I thought they were a bit edgy for 10 or 15 minutes at Newcastle but then they got themselves together and were great after that.

If they get an early goal then it will be party time and they might just go on and get four or five. If we get to half-time and it’s still 0-0 then I have to say that they might get a little nervous.

But from what I have seen the last couple of weeks against Manchester United and Newcastle, which certainly on paper are far more difficult tasks than the one they will face on Sunday, they are not going to let this opportunity slip.

It has been that kind of season that it wouldn’t surprise anybody if QPR went and beat them because who would of thought Blackburn would have gone to Manchester United and won – no-one. Who would have thought Wigan would beat United – no-one.

But I just like what I see about City, I like their players’ attitude. There is a togetherness there that they don’t get credit for.

Everyone is very keen to break them up and say they are a bunch of individuals but I disagree. They are every bit a team. You cannot win this league unless you are a team, unless you go that extra yard for your mates and they have done that this year.

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