Tony Evans’ takeover meeting postponed but Stockport County remain hopeful about deal

By Melanie Hughes

A shareholders meeting to discuss Tony Evans’ proposals to takeover Stockport County was postponed yesterday until further notice.

Evans is part of a Liverpool-based consortium trying to buy the majority of the club’s shares but the current shareholders are concerned about the exact details of their business and are reluctant to come to a deal before they receive the relevant information.

In a club statement issued on the Stockport County website the County chairman, Lord Peter Snape, confirmed that there are two ‘outstanding matters’ that need to be resolved before any proposal can be put before the shareholders.

He said: “The first is a financial matter involving, in Tony Evans view, a sum of £200,000 which he feels existing shareholders should contribute immediately.

“This figure is disputed by shareholders who collectively feel that these are not debts but are part of the day to day costs of the football club.

“The shareholders, at this time, still do not know the composition of the Tony Evans’ consortium. This information is essential before any transaction goes ahead.

“On behalf of the football club and the shareholders I hope that the continued negotiations will bring about a successful conclusion.”

Evans joined the board of directors in July after making, what he described as, a ‘significant investment’ and has been keen to buy the majority of shares and effectively take over the club.

County remain hopeful that a deal will be concluded in due time. Stockport Youth Coach Simon Cooper, said: “[Until then,] no matter who is in charge, we give them and the players 100%.”

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