Manchester Giants star David ‘Tintin’ Watts making mark on community with school basketball coaching

By Sarah Brook

Manchester Giants player David ‘Tintin’ Watts is making his mark on the community by offering weekly basketball coaching sessions.

Watts took time out of his intense training schedule to offer an after school club for Manchester Communication Academy children.

The 6ft 9ins star, who is known as Tintin, was pushed into basketball by friends and his P.E. teacher when he started to grow tall, but admitted that he had a tough time with sport at school.

The England International player was thrilled to be able to offer the pupils at the Harpurhey school opportunities that he missed out on when growing up.

With lots of potential in the group, Tintin is positive about the weeks ahead and is looking forward to seeing the children play their first match.

He said: “They have got a tournament coming up, so we need to prepare them for that so they know what is coming.

“We have got some skilled players and some fast learners in here that could be really good.

“If you can get involved in the community and show kids that you are not completely dissimilar to where they are from, you can be a good role model.

“It is kind of your responsibility.”

George Wanjohi, the assistant P.E. teacher at the school, expressed his delight in having Tintin as a coach and feels Tintin can act as a great role model to the youngsters.

“He is someone to look up to and it is a great opportunity for the kids and the school to have him on board,” said Mr Wanjohi.

“He can offer a lot of insight into the sport, not only in terms of drills and game play but also in showing them that you can take basketball to the next level and play professionally.

The club is set to run for the next academic year and with numbers still high, Tintin hopes he can inspire the children to stay involved and eventually play basketball competitively.

However, in his day job, Tintin and his Giants teammates face a tough challenge away at Glasgow Rocks on Sunday in the first round of the BBL Cup.

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