Tevez hounds Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini for treating him ‘like a dog’

By Dean Wilkins

Carlos Tevez may be wounding his chances of returning to Manchester City by claiming Roberto Mancini treated him ‘like a dog’, but revealed he wants to play in two weeks.

The Argentinian is due to arrive in Manchester this morning after leaving for his home-country, without permission, last November. As a result of his self-imposed exile the striker has thrown away £9.3million in fines and wage losses.

But the 28-year-old, who was expected to apologise to the club and manager by Mancini, has instead described the treatment he received from the boss during the Bayern Munich match as ‘a real mess’ and ‘foul’.

Speaking out for the first time about the incident, which resulted in his career with Manchester City being described as ‘finished’ by Mancini, Tevez said: “I was kind of in a bad mood and when he brings on [Nigel] de Jong and takes off Dzeko and we’re losing 2-0 I thought it was a defensive substitution so I decided to sit back on the bench.

“I had already warmed up for 10 minutes and he has this attitude that he wants to lose 2-0 instead of 4-0.

“So I sat down and at the same time Dzeko comes off and is really angry and has a go at Mancini. He then sees the tunnel is closed so he has to sit down next to him and they start to have an argument.

“Dzeko was speaking Bosnian and Mancini would swear at him in Italian so it was a real mess.

“So I go and sit down and he doesn’t see me because he’s having this discussion. But then he turns around and sees me and you can imagine what happens.

“He’s in the middle of an argument so then he tells me to keep on warming up and treats me like a dog.

“So when he spoke to me in that tone of voice, I said: ‘No, I’m not going out’. So I was willing to play, but the coach was in such a foul mood because he had that argument with Dzeko.

“He started on me as well, started swearing at me, that was him, because I was very calm.”

The player hasn’t played for five months but has claimed he will be match fit in a fortnight: “In two weeks I play, I think,” he said in an interview with Fox Sports in Argentina.

“I do not think I was wrong, but if [Manchester City] think so I apologise. I am ready to return, to win and do the best for the club’s shirt.

“Hopefully I can help City to be champions again. The most important thing for me is to return to get fit.

“I always said that at 28 I would retire. Today I say: ‘No, I have much more to give’.”

The former Manchester United and West Ham player was expected to leave in the recent transfer window, with AC Milan, Inter and Paris Saint-Germain all strongly linked with moves. However, after failing to agree personal terms with a club Tevez remains a City player and as Mario Balotelli’s suspension has left the side struggling for goals, and with Edin Dzeko’s form unpredictable, Roberto Mancini will be hoping to increase the firepower of his team.

During a post-match interview this weekend Roberto Mancini said he expected an apology: “This is normal,” he said. “Then, after, Carlos can train, can play, as long as his condition is good.”

“I spoke with Carlos one week after Munich. He knows everything. We are here. We’ve not changed these past few months and Carlos knows that. He is a City player.

“Everyone knows that Tevez is a top player and it probably would have been better for us if he’d been here.

“Carlos can change a lot of games. If he comes back next week, maybe he can help us in the last three months.”

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