What is ‘constabulary’? Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez slapped with driving ban after warnings lost in translation

By Paddy von Behr

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is in a spot of bother again, as police slap him with a six-month driving ban.

The Argentinian – who recently spoke of his happiness at the club – failed to respond to police letters after his car was caught speeding.

He claimed he did not know what the letters were about because he didn’t recognise the word ‘constabulary’.

Gwyn Lewis, Tevez’s solicitor, told the court: “He does understand the word ‘police’, but not more complicated words.

“The letters are written from Cheshire Constabulary and the word police doesn’t appear on it anywhere.”

Tevez, 28, did not attend the hearing at Manchester Magistrates Court in person, but admitted two offences of failing to give police information.

He conceded he does not have a full UK driving licence, but said he was not in the car when it was clocked over the speed limit.

The troublemaker was ordered to pay fines and costs of £1,540.

The court ordered the disqualification would begin from November 26 last year, when an interim ban was placed on Tevez by magistrates.

Tevez did not respond to police letters, sent to him after his Bentley was clocked at 39mph in a 30 zone in Morecambe on March 28.

The court also heard Tevez’s vehicle was recorded at 66mph in a 50 zone in Crewe in May 8 and, once again, police letters were ignored.

The Argentine is not City’s only striker who has struggled to comply with Manchester’s traffic police.

Mario Balotelli has reportedly earned himself thousands of pounds in fines and 27 parking tickets since joining City in 2010.

Image courtesy of Yahoo UK, with thanks

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