Grass certainly ain’t greener on other side: Manchester United enjoy four game home spell and ‘improved’ pitch

By Mancunian Matters staff

The grass is most certainly not greener on the other side for Manchester United – who are set to enjoy home advantage on an ‘improved’ pitch for the next four games in a row.

Sir Alex Ferguson today praised the pitch and called for the Reds to take ‘full advantage’ of their spell of home support.

And the Red Devils are well-placed to reap the rewards in three competitions, as they enjoy home ties in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League next month.

Sir Alex told MUTV: “We’re hopeful that we can take full advantage of this spell.”

The home pitch was under scrutiny only weeks ago as the Scot described it as ‘worn out’ – yet it appears to have regenerated due to warmer spells.

“I must say, the one thing that is going to help us [in this period] is that the pitch has improved a tremendous amount,” Ferguson said.

“Against Reading it was much, much better. It was not as good as the start of the season obviously but it is getting there.

“With a further ten days between the Reading and Norwich games, I expect it to be back to normal.”

United face Norwich City this weekend in a Premier League clash, Real Madrid in a last-16 second-leg Champions League game and Chelsea or Middlesbrough in the FA Cup.

They also face Reading again in the league – and all four matches are at Old Trafford.

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