Manchester City’s Maicon shows off Brazilian flair and futsal skills during partnership launch

By Oliver Rhodes

Brazilian star Maicon attended Gorton’s Wright Robinson College to overlook the new collaboration between City in the Community and Manchester Futsal Club on Wednesday.

With Manchester Futsal Club aiming to boost promotion of their sport, Maicon’s presence is likely to positively attract attention.

Major interest in futsal stems from its birthplace – South America – and with so much football entertainment generated by Brazilians the mainly indoor sport has received greater recognition.

Speaking to Manchester City’s website, Maicon said: “It is a very popular sport in my country and it has acquired more and more popularity since the likes of Ronaldinho and Robinho came through after playing it and when Brazil won the World Cup, the sport was given another huge lift.”

Manchester City’s summer recruit is a fond lover of football’s unique variant, as he played futsal himself as a child and admitted that the sport greatly developed his technical ability.

And despite futsal’s popularity around the United Kingdom appearing underground, Maicon believes it can benefit other youngsters

“Even though football and futsal are two different games, futsal will help children with their technical development and make them become better players when they play 11-a-side football,” added the former Inter Milan man.

Indeed, Maicon displayed his futsal ability to the Manchester Futsal Club members, but the session was appropriately light since the former Champions League winner only just returned from injury.

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