Not aboard my ship: Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany dismisses player mutiny

By Dean Wilkins

As captain of Manchester City Vincent Kompany is ready to take the brunt of criticism but admits that he is unfazed by all negativity.

The 26-year-old Belgian has been accused of struggling to recapture his dominating presence in the Blues failing backline.

With Champions League qualification all but over, Roberto Mancini’s men are ploughing away steadily in the Premier League and city joint second with rivals Manchester United.

But with only two clean sheets under their belt this season, City’s defence is a far cry from their impeccable, impenetrable form of last season – leading many to criticise their ability to defend their title.

“Personally, I don’t ever get affected by it,” said Kompany. “If one day goes a little bit less than another, I know I have at least done my best.

“And by being patient and keeping doing what you have done to get success in the first place, you’ll get there again.

“People around the club get wild and excited but I stay very calm.

“We’ll be here in a couple of weeks or months and maybe everyone will be praises and smiles. It is going to happen. Everything takes time.”

Mancini faced a mutiny after their 3-1 defeat to Ajax last week – despite Samir Nasri giving the Blues a first-half lead – as Micah Richards questioned the Italian’s decision making.

But Kompany has dismissed the allegations of revolt as ‘nonsense’ and helped City to a clean sheet victory against Swansea – only their second this year.

“I don’t like to get involved in this but sometimes I do,” he said.

“I never have a problem with performances being down or up. People have the right to have opinions on performances, but the stories are based on things I cannot even relate to, and I am in this team.

“I started my career to play football and be the best footballer. I expect journalists to tell the truth and do the job for that.

“That is just sensationalism, nothing more.”

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