I will walk: ‘Genius’ Mario Balotelli will ‘kill’ racist banana throwing fans at Euro 2012

By Dean Wilkins

Manchester City ‘genius’ Mario Balotelli will walk off the pitch if he is a victim of racism at Euro 2012 and claims he would kill anyone who threw at banana at him.

The Italian striker, 21, is part of Cesare Prandelli’s team for the Ukraine and Poland tournament – where there are concerns about black players receiving abuse from fans.

And Blues hero Balotelli said he will not stand for unacceptable racism by walking off field.

“If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him,” Balotelli told the Sun. “Racism is unacceptable to me, I cannot bear it.”

He added: “I hope there will not be a problem at the Euros because if it does happen I would straight away leave the pitch and go home.

“We are in 2012, it can’t happen.”

The former Inter Milan forward claimed he is also smarter than most people and not a troublemaker.

“I think I am a genius, but not a rebel,” he said. “I have my life, my world, I do what I want, without annoying anyone.

“I believe I am more intelligent than the average person.

“The talent God gave me is beautiful and wonderful, but it is difficult because you are always facing other people keen to judge you.

“There are few people with such talent, so there are few able to judge what I am doing.”

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