‘Definitely not coming back’: Ricky Hatton rules out ring return – to get his buzz from promoting

By Ed Owen

Manchester’s former welterweight world champion Ricky Hatton has ruled out any rumour of a potential second comeback.

The Hitman has kept remarkably in shape since his unsuccessful return to the ring in November, prompting many to think he had his eye on another tilt at glory.

However, the 34-year-old has moved to deny that he was angling for a potential fight, stating that his intense fitness programme is just about keeping fit.

“People have seen me running, skipping and in the ring again and wondered if I’m going to give it another go – but I’m definitely not coming back,” he explained.

And the Hyde-born boxer shocked himself with how quickly he came to the decision to hang up his gloves.

“I was surprised by how easy it was to accept – I wanted happiness out of that last fight and I got that.

“It would’ve been nice to win another world title, but it wasn’t to be.

“I tried to come back, but I haven’t got it anymore and I’m happy.”

This new, content Hatton is a far cry from the man traumatically beaten to the canvas by Manny Pacquiao in 2009, who was suffering from mental problems.

The 34-year-old believes his comeback, though unsuccessful, provided him with the closure he needed on his boxing career.

“Those thoughts are totally gone now,” he said. “When you think I was that low, with a knife to my wrist, and then I came out to 20,000 fans.

“Even though I lost, I’ve got those memories, so really, I’ve won.”

“My next goal is to create the next world champion, bring the next Ricky Hatton through – I get a huge buzz from the promoting and the training.”

The brightest prospect on Hatton’s books at the moment is probably Scott Quigg – the 24-year-old world champion super-bantamweight is in talks for a domestic superfight with Northern Ireland’s Carl Frampton.

And with other full-of-potential fighters such as Denton Vassell, Martin Murray and Joe Murray occupying his time, life beyond the ring will be anything but dull for the Hitman.

Image courtesy of Sports Vibe TV, via YouTube, with thanks.

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