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WATCH: Meet the founder of Manchester’s original free walking tour

Josh Martin – history graduate, playwright and proud Mancunian – takes locals and visitors alike on a journey of discovery to uncover the lesser-known stories that make Manchester unique.

Manchester is a city that’s constantly on the move. As the world’s first industrial city, it grew rapidly throughout the 19th century and continues to evolve today.

Although the Manchester of the 21st century may be unrecognisable to a visitor from 100 years ago, its streets are steeped in the history of the events and ideas that changed the North – and the whole of Britain – forever.

In the shadow of Manchester’s gleaming skyscrapers, countless testaments to the city’s rich history remain, waiting to be uncovered.

From the birth of the Suffragette movement to the remarkable story behind the city’s infamous Monument to Vimto, Josh brings Manchester’s history to life in a way that is at once entertaining, informative and highly accessible.

Mancunian Matters went along on one of Josh’s tours and spoke with him about how Free Manchester Walking Tours began and its amazing growth over the last seven years.

To find out more about Free Manchester Walking Tours, visit the website here.

Featured image: Lee Baxter

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