Election 24

General Election 2024: Labour narrowly wins back Rochdale

Labour has taken back Rochdale from George Galloway’s Workers Party.

Senior political journalist Paul Waugh won the seat from Mr Galloway, who did not attend the announcement of his loss.

The defeat of Mr Galloway was not taken well by his activists, who shouted “shame” at Labour members amongst more colourful language.

They also interrupted Mr Waugh during his speech.

Mr Waugh shot back: “Are we going to be allowed to speak? Is this a democracy?”

Mr Waugh is a former senior Westminster journalist who was the Chief Political Commentator at the i newspaper, Political Editor at HuffPost UK, and has had roles at PoliticsHome, The Independent, and the Evening Standard.

Despite the win, Labour did not win the seat decisively, with a majority of just 1,440.

Mr Galloway has already announced further plans for Workers Party activity in Rochdale.

How the Workers Party get on without parliamentary representation, and whether it is possible for them to remain in the national conversation, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Michael Howard from Reform UK performed well, gaining 6,773 votes.

The Conservatives came fourth, the Liberal Democrats fifth and the Green Party last.

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