Graffiti artist paints mural tribute to late singer in Hulme

French-born Graffiti Artist Akse P19 has painted a mural in tribute of late Mancunian singer Denise Johnson in Hulme.

Denise, who provided backing vocals for Primal Scream, New Order and The Charlatans, died in July at the age of 56.

The new mural appears on the outside of arts centre Niamos and Denise’s family are thrilled with it.

They said: “We’re totally stunned into silence.

“Really cannot find words for how brilliant this is. We’re genuinely lost for words in the nicest sense.”

Renowned street artist Akse began his career as an artist in 1992, and has become well known for his socio-political, high-definition graffiti portraits in Manchester, Liverpool and London.

BBC producer and close friend of Denise, Natalie-Eve Williams tweeted: “Our girl is on the streets where she grew up. Cannot thank you enough @Akse_P19 for your kindness and generosity.”

Denise is recognised for her distinctive and soulful vocals on ‘Screamadelica’ and ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’, which brought her to prominence during her collaboration with Scottish rock band Primal Scream in the 1990s.

When she died she had just finished working on a solo album which was released posthumously on Friday, October 2.

The live acoustic album ‘Where Does It Go’ is inspired from the love of live performances, and comprises of originals and covers of some of her favourite songs by Simon Aldred and Ellie Greenwich.

‘Where Does It Go’ will be featured on musician Tim Burgess’s Twitter Listening Party, with producer Twem on October 5 at 9:00pm.

The album can be streamed from: soundcloud.com/ask-me/sets/where-does-it-go/s-sIeyGCCdquF or downloaded from: we.tl/t-Rp4xu5qGGD .

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