Experts have predicted what Halloween costume you’ll wear this year based on where you live

Experts from leading fashion website Love the Sales have revealed the most popular Halloween costume choices by UK region for 2023.

Using local search data, Love the Sales has predicted what people in five British cities will be wearing this spooky season.

Rather than the classic devil, black cat, or ghost, many will be dressing up as characters from this year’s most loved movies and TV shows.

Love the Sales has taken the top 20 most popular TV shows and movies of the year as well as local search demand statistics, and Google search data from this month, and compared it to last year in order to determine the most popular Halloween costumes by region.

Manchester: Ghost Face

Search demand increase for “Ghost Face Halloween Costume” increased by 204% since this time last year.

Source: Paramount Pictures

Although the first film was released in 1996, Scream VI came out in cinemas earlier this year.

The classic Ghost Face costume is an easy one and set to be the most popular for Manchester this year, according to analysis of internet searches in the area.

TikTok has seen an increase in users dressing up as Ghost Face in the run up to Halloween, which may also explain the rise in popularity.

Prepare to see a lot of Ghost Faces running around Piccadilly Gardens this year.

London: Wednesday Addams

Search demand increase for “Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume” increased by 152% since this time last year.

Source: Netflix

Netflix’s Wednesday premiered in November 2022, meaning that Halloween fanatics just missed out on the chance to dress up as the show’s iconic main character.

Londoners are predicted to jump at the first chance to dress up as Wednesday Addams, by putting their hair into the classic two-braid style this Halloween.

Birmingham: The Mandalorian

Search demand for “Mandalorian Halloween costume” increased by 436% since this time last year.

Source: Disney+

The latest season of the Star Wars spin-off concluded in April this year, but that has not stopped fans of the Disney+ show from taking Halloween inspiration from the series.

The 436% increase in search demands for Mandalorian Halloween costumes is the most significant across all UK regions.

It looks like Birmingham will show up as the Mandalorian in the masses.

Liverpool: Barbie

Search demand for “Barbie Halloween costume” increased by 174% since this time last year.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

It is not surprising that the biggest film to hit the box office this year will be influencing costumes in Liverpool.

Expect to see a sea of pink and Ken/Barbie couple costumes in Liverpool this year – perhaps some will even go for a contrasting Barbenheimer look.

Newcastle: Mario and Luigi

Search demand for “Super Mario Bros costumes” increased by 156% since this time last year.

Source: Illumination

Dressing up as Mario and Luigi has always been a popular choice for Halloween, but the release of the Super Mario Bros movie in 2023 will only increase the likelihood of seeing blue dungarees around town.

Featured image: Connor Baker via Unsplash

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