Fletcher review Manchester Victoria Warehouse: A rallying cry for queer music fans

Queer singer and idol Fletcher took to the stage at Manchester’s O2 Victoria Warehouse last week to roaring fans.

The American artist created a harmonious environment of musical and personal acceptance among a much appreciative crowd.

Opening with the raw and honest ‘Maybe I Am’ set the tone for an evening where judgement is left at the door and authenticity is welcome.

Fletcher herself announced after the opening number that there are a few rules for a Fletcher gig – chief among them was the need to be ones self.

Having just released her new album ‘In Search Of The Antidote’ the album is described as delving deeper into “the ultra-vivid storytelling and unfiltered introspection that have long defined Fletcher’s brand of pop. The album sees Fletcher exploring such complex themes as identity, insecurity, ego, and self-fulfillment.”

Heartbreak hits such as ’Sting’ and ‘Serial Heartbreaker’ had fans singing along and a real sense of comaraderie filled the room from every broken – or cracked – heart in the warehouse.

Older tunes such as 2020 track ‘Shh Don’t Say It’ were a success among fans who have been following the artist for several years – and for newer fans to discover.

‘Shh Don’t Say It’ captions the difficulty of a turbulent on and off relationship from the album ‘The S(ex) Tapes.’

Fletcher’s music resonates with fans as the lyrics depict often complicated moments and mixed messages between partners/lovers/friends through a queer lens.

The show also featured songs from her new album such as ‘Pretending’ and ‘Ego Talking’ and was accompanied by striking digital images which embrace LGBTQ+ relationships.

Experiencing a Fletcher gig is to experience a rallying cry for acceptance of the queer community and queer music fans – of which Manchester is home to many.

Fletcher’s tour continues with the following UK dates:

  • 9th May, Newcastle O2 City Hall
  • 10th May, Bristol O2 Academy
  • 12th May, London Eventim Apollo
  • 13th May, London Eventim Apollo

Photo credit: Chuff Media

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