How to play keno online and win real money

Keno is a lottery-style gambling game that is popular at many land-based casinos.

It is also a gambling option that some state lotteries feature in their ticketing arsenals.

The name, keno, has Latin or French roots, signifying five of each. However, the game itself originated from 19th century China. Chinese immigrants brought it over to the US, where it first started to gain traction in Houston, Texas.

Today, everyone can play keno online, as keno gambling is now rage at online casinos.

Such sites offer it in its original version and many of its variations under their specialty games tab.

Despite keno having a higher house edge than most other casino games, it remains a preferred gambling option for many players.

Below, we break down how to play keno and:

  • How do you win at keno?
  • What numbers hit the most in keno?
  • Keno bonus play.
  • Is there a strategy to winning at keno?
  • Where can you play keno online?

How does keno work

So, how does keno work? Well, the process itself is super simple. To enjoy this game and win money playing it, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Pick a keno game.
  2. Select your numbers. Most commonly, you will have the option to pick up to 20 numbers from a range of one to 80.
  3. You do not have to pick all 20. Most players choose between three and ten numbers.
  4. You can utilize a quick pick function, where an algorithm selects the numbers you will play at random.
  5. Decide how much you want to bet per draw.
  6. In keno, you do not necessarily get paid based on how many numbers you have guessed correctly. Instead, you get paid based on your hit rate. So, for instance, hitting all seven selected numbers will get you a higher reward than landing seven out of a selected 14 numbers.
  7. Wait for a draw to conclude to figure out how many numbers you have hit and if you have won a prize.

It is virtually impossible to pick 20 numbers and hit them all in a single draw as the odds of that happening are beyond astronomical.

Nevertheless, you can still win a jackpot on a nine or ten-numbered ticket.

Playing online casino keno

As mentioned in the intro, keno is now a mainstay at internet gambling platforms. So how do you play keno online?

A good rule of thumb to having a great experience with keno is to play the game at only the most trusted and reliable online casino sites.

These are internationally regulated platforms that do not have a reputation of welching on bets.

Know that gambling sites may feature different keno variations, as multiple game providers have dipped their toes in this genre.

So, the keno gaming interfaces that you will face at online casinos will differ, as each such product is likely to feature its theme, which will often go beyond casino-style gambling. Developers like to jazz things up by incorporating unique motifs.

For example, Monkey Keno is a title that has an island jungle theme and features funny animal animations that spruce up your gameplay.

In essence, the explained above rules should stay relatively the same despite whatever variation you pick. However, you should expect slight tweaks regarding how each product pays out its prizes.

That means that keno paytables can drastically differ, as can the possible bet amounts on different keno products. Thus, it is wise to check those aspects before laying down any real money wagers.  

Strategies on how to win at keno

It is crucial to remember that keno is a game of chance.

Therefore, you cannot affect the gameplay in any meaningful way. There is no strategy that you can employ that will improve your odds of winning.

Instead, a computer algorithm called a random number generator (RNG) decides which numbers will get drawn per round.

That is a tool that all software casino-style games utilize. RNGs make entirely arbitrary picks based on complex mathematical formulas whose outcomes no one can predict or affect.

The best tips you can receive for playing keno are:

  • Explore casinos for decent payouts: Your aim should be to locate online keno products that will get you the most bang for your buck. So, never settle for playing a game that can yield disappointing payouts. Go paytable shopping before deciding which game you will test your luck in hopes of landing a money prize.
  • Pick a game with bonus features: Similar to slots, some online keno products have bonus rounds that can provide things like wild numbers, free draw, and more. These will enhance your gameplay and improve your money-earning potential. In addition, some games have a bonus ball. Hitting it will result in a bonus payout.
  • Play special feature tickets: Sometimes, online casinos offer promotions for their house’s keno products. Such deals can include specific types of bets, discounted wagers, higher payouts, and more. These promos are an excellent way to boost playability and profits.
  • Locate a progressive keno game: If massive wins are what you are after, search out a digital keno product that offers a super-sizeable prize. Yes, there are variations with progressive rewards out there. You only have to put in a little leg work to find them.
  • Play six to eight numbers: Statistically, staying in this range should provide the best winning odds to payout ratio while also staying in play for a jackpot prize.

Best online casinos for keno games

Now, if you feel like you have acquired enough knowledge from the information presented above, and you want to put it to good use, you are likely thinking – where can I play keno online?

The number of options is vast. Nonetheless, we recommend sticking to these three sites:

  • Las Atlantis – Las Atlantis is a Curacao-licensed site that has been in business since early-2020. It greets new players with a tremendous welcome package that can yield up to $14,000 in free-play funds. The coupon code needed to activate this offer is LASATLANTIS, and its minimum deposit depends on your chosen method. You can enjoy the standard keno version here.
  • Wild Casino – Wild Casino is a gambling platform that opened its virtual doors in 2017 and which Panama’s Gaming Control Board oversees. It has a registration offer that can snag you up to $5,000 in bonus cash over your first five deposits. You will have to input the promo code WILD250 on your first one and WILD100 on your subsequent four to claim this offer in its totality.
  • BetOnline – BetOnline is another Panama-approved casino, which is an industry pioneer, active since 2001. Its chief promotion is a sign-up deal that offers a 100% deposit match of up to $3,000. You will need to remember the bonus code BOLCASINO if you want to utilize this offer. BetOnline has a few keno variations, including American keno and keno Megapays.

To sum up

If you have ever played bingo, you should have no trouble instantly picking up keno.

The difference between the two lies in that the latter allows you to choose your numbers ahead of time, and you play it at a much faster pace.

Thus, if you are ever in the mood for swift lottery action, keno should be your game of choice.

It can offer massive jackpot opportunities, and many of its online variations implement elements commonly found in popular reel-spinners.

That means that when playing keno on the internet, things can get dynamic quickly as you hunt for riches via your unique numbers, ones that may hold the key to you landing a life-altering win.

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