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Review: The Libertines live at Manchester Club Academy

Libertines’ gigs rarely go to plan, and last Saturday was no exception.

Fans queued outside Manchester’s Student Union for over an hour past the announced opening doors time. Meanwhile, the converging lines for three other gigs taking place in the other Manchester Academy venues only added to the chaos.

But it didn’t matter once everyone had finally filed into the tiny Manchester Club Academy. At the intimate gig, the Libertines proved with songs new and old why they are one of the best bands of their generation.

The gig was announced as an acoustic set, however in typical fashion from the very first song the band plugged in their guitars and played an indie rock set instead, launching into classic What a Waster.

“Was this supposed to be an acoustic set?”, Peter Doherty cheekily asked, to cheers from the crowd.

The new songs from the latest album sounded better live than on record. Run, Run, Run in particular sounded amazing played live in front of a buzzing audience, rather than in a studio. Shiver was also a highlight, losing none of its power played live.

This is where the Libertines music has always come alive – live in small, intimate clubs and pubs rather than in the studio. 

The Libertines also delighted the crowd with the classic songs – including Can’t Stand Me Now, Don’t Look Back into the Sun, What Katie Did and Time For Heroes.

Overall it was a triumph of a set – the Libertines have entered a new phase, and are bringing old and new along with them.

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