Manchester moaner Morrissey has knives out for Jamie Oliver again… with sick ‘gas him’ rant

Smiths legend Morrissey has slammed veteran TV chef Jamie Oliver over his carnivorous antics.

Speaking to Irish magazine Hot Press, the 55-year-old vegetarian tore into the ‘pukka’ star suggesting he ‘should be gassed’.

And the long-time animal supporter even wants the act to be handed the royal seal of approval – with Princess Anne Morrissey’s choice to carry out the favour.

He said: “It would be a great help if Princess Anne gassed Jamie Oliver.

“He’s killed more animals than McDonald’s.”

The singer has made no secret of his dislike for Jamie Oliver and hit the headlines back in January after he said:  “If Jamie ‘Orrible is so certain that flesh-food is tasty then why doesn’t he stick one of his children in a microwave?”

The Meat is Murder crooner has not been shy to sink his teeth into anyone who leaves him stewing and has targeted the likes of Prince Charles and late former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the past.

The controversial singer has long been known as an animal rights activist but it appears his music career could be heading for the slaughter house.

It has emerged that he has been dropped by his record label after his new album failed to satisfy fans who had built up an appetite in the five years since 2009’s Years of Refusal.

According to a post on Morrissey fansite True To You, the singer announced the departure from Capitol Records.

The post reads: “Three weeks after the release of Morrissey’s World Peace Is None Of Your Business (#2 UK, #14 US), Capitol Records/Harvest have ended their relationship with Morrissey, as directed by label boss Steve Barnett. Morrissey is once again in search of a record label.”

The post comes just five days after Morrissey posted to True To You complaining about Harvest being unwilling to make a video for the album’s title track.

The Mancunian released his tenth studio album World Peace Is None of Your Business last month.

Image courtesy of BBC via YouTube with thanks

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