Manchester Christmas Markets: Everything you need to know

It may have just turned November, but that doesn’t stop Manchester from getting in the festive spirit as the Christmas markets are set to open this Friday. 

Residents and visitors alike will be delighted to hear the highly-anticipated markets will once again be returning to the city centre, after last year was affected by the pandemic. 

Popular stalls such as Pork Pig’s Yorkshire Pudding wraps and The Witchouse serving up steins and currywurst will be making a much-awaited return to the city. 

Here, we will break down everything you need to know about the city’s Christmas celebrations this festive season: 

When are the stalls open? 

The markets are set to open from Friday 12th November and will be open seven days a week until the week before Christmas. 

As a general rule, opening times for food and drink are from 10AM-9PM, with craft stalls closing at 8PM.  

Where are the markets? 

With the Town Hall undergoing renovation, the main hub of the markets has moved to Piccadilly Gardens. 

Six other “zones” across the city centre are also hosting market stalls and festive joy this year – Market Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Square, Cathedral Gardens, St Ann’s Square and King Street. 

Manchester Christmas Markets“Manchester Christmas Markets” by fussy onion is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Where is the light-up Giant Santa? 

Out of respect for Remembrance Day, the Giant Santa is yet to be built. 

However, members of the public will be excited to hear Santa is set to return to the city on 18th November. 

Is there an ice skating rink? 

Yes! The ice rink will be based in Cathedral Gardens and will offer an enchanting experience for all ages. 

When are they open until? 

The majority of markets will close on 22nd December. 

However Piccadilly gardens – known as ‘Winter Gardens’ this festive period – will run through till 2nd January, as will the ice skating rink. 

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