Review: Tycho @ Albert Hall, Manchester

After such a turbulent time in Manchester, EDM fans flocked to the city’s eclectic and gothic-styled Albert Hall to be taken on an audio odyssey courtesy of Tycho.

Fronted by Scott Hansen, the four-piece band blew the minds of the crowd – starting the night at full pelt with the ambient and oriental-esque sounds from albums Dive (2011), Awake (2014), and the award-winning and most recent record Epoch (2016).

The mix of perfectly-timed chords from lead guitarist Zak Brown, live drums from Rory O’Connor, and the ambient trip-hop vibes from keyboard synthesizer Billy Kim – not to mention vocalist Hansen himself – sent the crowd into a sense of sway, which was coupled with a mesmerising back-drop video and, of course, Albert Hall’s acoustic echoes.

Soon, Hansen and his three comrades upped the ante for the revellers packed into the venue, who roared for classic tracks like A Walk, Dive and Awake.

The quartet didn’t disappoint sending music fans into a venue-rocking frenzy as they blasted their latest and greatest track Epoch – from the album of the same title – through the building’s elegant and Baroque architecture-themed hall.

Hansen, the man behind Tycho, received a lot of dissension in the wake of his 2014 Awake, with many critiquing the California-based artist’s decision to transcend from chillwave to post-rock.

Well, all those negative write ups and criticisms can be thrown right out of Albert Hall’s finely detailed terracotta windows because Hansen’s Tycho brought otherworldly musical dimensions and a sense of peace to a city recently shaken by political, economic, and religious unrest.

And for that Manchester thanks them. Tycho, you’re welcome back anytime.

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