Don’t miss a beat! Mancunian Matters’ five favourite tracks to liven up your week

Don’t Miss A Beat is here to recommend five tracks a week. Rather than being a standard ‘five new tracks you must hear’ it will comprise a selection of music that fall into five categories. 

There will be a new track and older track in some way related to the new track, a track from a recently released album, a track somewhat related to the week just past, and a track by an artist playing in Manchester in the coming week.

New Track: Stephen Steinbrink – I Don’t Know How To Deal With It 

Signed to Manchester-based independent label Melodic Records, Stephen Steinbrink is from Olympia, Washington. He has written seven albums so far, all released on small independent labels.

This track is his latest offering, which follows his 2014 album Arranged Waves. He is touring the UK at the moment and plays The Eagle Inn in Salford on September 11.

Old Track: 10,000 Maniacs – Hey Jack Kerouac

Stephen Steinbrink’s unorthodox background travelling around America with just a guitar for company almost inevitably drew references to Jack Kerouac and On the Road from certain publications.

This is a bit of a tired reference. However, it does give a decent excuse to listen to New Yorkers 10,000 Maniacs’ 1987 track Hey Jack Kerouac from their third album In My Tribe.

Track From An Album From This Week: Low – What Part of Me

Prolific Minnesotans Low released album number 11, Ones And Sixes, via. Sub Pop on September 11. What Part Of Me is a highlight from the album, exhibiting Low’s winning combination of dual vocals and minimalistic arrangements.

Relevant Track To This Week: Peter Tosh – Johnny B. Goode

September 11, 1987: Reggae music legend and ex-Wailer Peter Tosh was shot to death in his home by gunmen demanding money from him.

By way of commemoration, here is his adaption of Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode, unveiled on the album Mama Africa, released in 1983.

Gig To See: Richard Dawson – The Vile Stuff

Richard Dawson is hard to describe. A solo artist who plays warped folk with unsettlingly madcap lyrics, he crafts songs that almost feel as if they shouldn’t work. But they do. Here’s one of his best from 2014 album, Nothing Important.

One verse begins: “My neighbour Andrew lost two fingers to a Staffie-cross / Whilst jogging over Cow Hill with a Pepperami in his bum-bag / He’s a junior partner at James & James no-win-no-fee solicitor / Thinking of relocating to a Buddhist Monastery in Halifax.”

You have to just go and see it. He plays Islington Mill next week on September 15. Find tickets here.

Image courtesy of <3 Chris <3, with thanks.

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