Manchester International Festival: The ones to watch as city celebration of music, art and culture enters final week

Manchester International Festival is entering its last week and has undoubtedly been a major success so far.

The festival has attracted that likes of Yoko Ono, Janelle Monae and David Lynch, all of who dazzled the northern city over the course of the last week.

Now as we cross into the later stages of the festival, here Mancunian Matters has been taking a look at what’s still to come with just a week left of its annual tenure.

One highlight amongst fans so fat has been Janelle Monae, who performed at the Castlefield Bowl less than a week after her successful Glastonbury debut and clearly left an impression.

“Pretty lucky to be able to squeeze in a trip to see Janelle Monae at MIF tonight. She’s too cool for all of us,” said Twitter user @DanGWatson.

So, what is there left to look forward to? The MIF has plenty to offer in terms of both one-off acts and continuous events throughout the week.

One such event is ‘A Drunk Pandemic’ by Tokyo artist group Chim-Pom, who have created a temporary brewery underneath Victoria station you can visit and even try their beer brewed onsite.

Other must-sees include Tree, a play about ‘the heart and soul of contemporary South Africa’ created by Idris Elba, as well as the world premiere of Toa of Glass, a part-concert, part performance featuring new music from American minimalist composer Phillip Glass.

Finally, Skepta’s DYSTOPIA987 set from Wednesday through Friday, which promises to create a depiction of the not-so-distant is surely a can’t miss performance.

The Manchester International Festival has been a fantastic success so far and with all the best bits still to come, it will have us all wishing it never ends.

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