Theatre’s first energy-harvesting dancefloor heading to Manchester

A dancefloor which produces energy from the movement of performers will arrive at Manchester’s Contact Theatre in November. 

Hot in Here converts the energy generated by artists’ bodies into electricity to power its lighting – a world-first on the stage. Through music and dance, the production illustrates what’s being done across the globe to fight climate injustice. 

The show has been produced by the UK’s first carbon-neutral theatre company Pigfoot and London’s Gate Theatre. They have collaborated with young people in the Global South on the frontlines of the climate crisis. 

“Whilst one person dancing can generate a small amount of energy, a group moving together can generate much more power,” a spokesperson for the theatre group said. 

“In much the same way, individual actions have a small impact in reducing carbon emissions, but collective action can create a significant, tangible shift in how our society operates.” 

Pigfoot has won many accolades since its formation in 2018, including the Sunday Times Playwriting Award and the Samuel French New Play Award. 

The company also secured the Camden People’s Theatre Award in 2019. The London-based theatre has since commissioned Hot in Here, which began touring the country last month. Manchester is the spectacular’s last destination.

Hot in Here will run at the Contact Theatre on Oxford Road from 1-3 November. Tickets are on sale now: https://www.contactmcr.com/shows/pigfoot-hot-in-here.

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