Is her food as good as her milkshake? Singer Kelis set for Arndale cookbook signing

Platinum selling singer-songwriter turned chef, Kelis, is coming to Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre to sign her new cookbook My Life on a Plate in Waterstone’s tomorrow.

A music career spanning more than 10 years and having sold more than six million records, the Grammy-nominated singer decided to attend prestigious culinary arts college Le Cordon Bleu giving her the confidence to write her first cookbook.

Kelis’ love affair with food started as a child – a native New Yorker, her mum was a chef in her own catering business and watching her mother inspired her own cooking career.

The singer and author’s most recent album was titled Food – the track list is dedicated to different types of food – and it was a taste of what was to come as she began to develop her cookbook.

On the change of career Kelis said: “As much as my music is who I am, so is my cooking. Food has become such a way of life, sort of like what you listen to, who you’re with, what you’re wearing. My character comes through in my cooking.”

Her travels across the world and discovery of local outdoor markets and tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants has moulded her style in the book.

It is a collection of her favourite recipes, featuring a mix of foods from her Puerto Rican heritage, such as Pernil and the Shrimp Alcapurrias, which she passed her chef dissertation with.

The book is aimed to those with a hectic life, possibly balancing family and a career like the author herself, but who still want to put a delicious meal on the table.

Kelis will be at Waterstone’s from 12pm on Wednesday 16 September and her book My Life on a Plate, published by Kyle Books, is priced at £19.99. 

Image courtesy of 2003 Hovercraft Studios, via YouTube, with thanks.

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