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Cheshire Fashion Week 2024 at Porsche Centre Chester

Poppy Dippnall went to the UK’s biggest fashion event outside of London…

The Cheshire Fashion Week had partnered with Porsche this year for a three day fashion extravaganza between 13th and 15th June. First formed in 2019 by Claire Namukolo Raven, the show highlights upcoming fashion talent from around the globe.

The final catwalk event, held on 15th June at the Porsche Centre Chester, had raised expectations due to the previous night’s success.

Inside were luxury cars in front of large CFW posters for the perfect Instagram post, with one eye-catching display of flora around one veiled car in the middle of the catwalk.

The catwalk inside Porsche, taken by Poppy Dippnall.

Once all the guests were seated, and exhausted the free bar, CEO Claire Namukolo Raven introduced the night with a special thanks to everyone who attended this year’s fashion week. To kick start the evening, the hidden car was unveiled to be Porsche’s newest Tycan car model, which is their most sustainable yet.

Aromastaples was second to hit the catwalk, after a return from White Stuff. Their bespoke bridal collection was breathtaking – you never would have known their collection was handcrafted.

The designer, Peter, said: “We want women and young girls to feel happy and comfortable. Our dresses are handmade and bespoke, so they are made to specification. We aren’t just making people beautiful, we’re looking to be sustainable too.”

Aromastaples dress, taken by Poppy Dippnall.

Among some returning looks from last night, the Sensualist’s collection was unique, with their bright and fun fluffy hats it was certainly a statement. Hassana Dauda Ismail displayed elegant yet simply designed outfits on the other hand, which made for some stunning evening looks.

The next designer collection was from Rafael Azevedo, who was the youngest designer there at 18 years old. His handcrafted collection focused on traditional culture with a modern twist.

On his first runway collection, he said: “It was really fun seeing how the outfits looked on the runway. With our collection, we’re trying to make it as sustainable as possible, we are using dead-stock fabric and 100% biodegradable fabric such as cotton and linen. The inspiration for the collection is Mediterranean and culture in general and mixing it with more modern aspects.”

Dress by Rafael Azevedo, taken by Poppy Dippnall.

Despite many amazing looks, the only wardrobe malfunction was from Shawler Couture Fashion Designer, who’s collection was poorly fitted to the models and caused several pieces of one of the dress to pop out, almost causing a trip hazard for the other models.

Alas, the night overall was super, with an electric atmosphere and drinks flowing, the Cheshire Fashion Week was an amazing event for any fashion-enthusiast.

Feature image credit: Cheshire Fashion Week.

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19 June 2024 7:38 pm

Weldone Alero and Peter
You are both doing a great job
We are looking forward to more beautiful designs 😊

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