WATCH: Lady Gaga jumps for joy at Manchester gig gay marriage proposal

Pop megastar Lady Gaga halted her gig at the Manchester Phones 4u Arena last night to help a man propose to his boyfriend.

The flamboyant singer stopped her mind-blowing Artpop Ball set to invite a family friend on the stage for a ‘special surprise’.

The chart-topping artist then serenaded the happy couple with a special rendition of her hit song Born This Way before proclaiming ‘love conquers all things’ to the packed-out venue.

Gaga said: “I would like to call my friend Jay up to the stage, Jay would you please come up to the stage with your boyfriend Shaun.

“I just want to do something special for you. I’m not sure Shaun, but I think that Jay might have something to ask you.”

The man then got down on one knee and popped the question, as Gaga watched on in her latex leotard, fishnets and army jacket.

And it was not such a Bad Romance for the happy couple, who then kissed and hugged to the sound of cheers from the rapturous crowd as the Paparazzi singer jumped up and down in her six-inch heels.  

She then ran and hugged the pair before inviting them to sit on the stage to enjoy a special rendition of the smash-hit single Born This Way.  

Gaga said: “It’s so bizarre you know my record label a long time ago they told me that my show was too gay, I was too gay, my music was too gay but I told them well it’s a good thing that there’s gay people all over the world.

“We’re all human beings with real dreams and real stories and you deserve to love and to express your love the same as everybody around the world.”

She then passed the pair a union jack flag before wishing them a ‘beautiful, long and happy marriage.’

The five-time Grammy Awards winner then belted out the 2011 anthem before stopping to encourage any gay people in the audience to be proud of who they are.

She said: “I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say this because this a pretty free-thinking city but I’m going to fucking say it anyway: if you are living in the UK or in Manchester and whether you are young or old or in the middle, if you are gay hold your head up high and be proud. You don’t have to hide. You’re human.

“And if anybody here in the audience, I can’t imagine there is, but if anybody here is uncomfortable with this you should probably fucking go because you’re on the wrong side of history and everybody in here is on the right side.”

And fans went Gaga for the whole thing on Twitter:

Image courtesy of cdparky1 via YouTube with thanks

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