‘Deeper appreciation of sound’: Northern Quarter record shop praises music lovers young and old for embracing vinyl

A Manchester record shop’s vinyl sales have shot up recently due to the ‘deeper appreciation of sound’ that people have developed.

Vinyl Exchange on Oldham Street, which has been open since 1990, believe that music fans have started to buy more vinyls to listen to better quality music than modern formats such as online downloads.

As well as older audiences, the shop has noticed that customer of all ages have been browsing their shelves to purchase the latest releases in the retro form.

Simon Galsworthy, a buyer at Vinyl Exchange, said: “There is a definite upturn with the vinyl format. There’s a definite wider demographic age wise.

“There’s 13-years-olds right up to old age pensioners coming in to the shop. There’s a broadening of the appeal.

“It’s based on lot of different angles. There’s a definite appeal of the quality of sound when you are playing vinyl as to other formats.

“There’s an appreciation of the vinyl sound, it’s a cultural style. It is a fashionable angle and fashionable to have records and a deeper appreciation of the sound generated by records.

“It has always been there. It’s not like it’s a revelation.”

To appeal to modern music consumers, vinyl has stayed in touch with other technology by integrating it in the products that they sell.

Simon said: “When you buy a record now, a lot of the time you get the CD format with artwork included, and you get the code for the download for the album as well.  You get the best of three Worlds.”

As the Christmas period approaches, Vinyl Exchange and every other record shop in Manchester will be hoping that their thirst for higher quality music will influence them to buy some records for their friends and family.

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