Review: Skream @ Gorilla

Skream took the stage at Gorilla for a show that proved to be a comeback nothing short of epic.

On Friday Skream played to a packed audience at the Manchester club, with the music showing no sign of stopping until 5am.

The crowd danced and moshed to the diverse sound of Skream’s music, which ranged from techno remixes to heavy trance and samples from timeless tunes like I’ve Got the Power even made an appearance.

Each time the music dropped, the venue erupted with energy and it’s no surprise some attendees couldn’t bring themselves to leave in spite of early work commitments the next day.

Skream’s love for music has never been more obvious that it was that night, as he powered through exhaustion and the sweltering heat of the club with superhuman dedication to delivering the most unforgettable night possible to the audience.

After the event, Twitter was rife with praise for the DJ, with even Gorilla itself hailing the show as ‘one of the best sets’ ever hosted at the venue.

“I swear every man and his dog is going gorilla tonight for @I_Skream” wrote user @ShaunNuffSaid about the uproar on social media caused by people desperate to get their hands on last-minute tickets before the event.

As Skream heads off to perform across the globe, Manchester will be eagerly awaiting his return to the city for another night of madness.

Image courtesy of Mike Reger via Flickr, with thanks.

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