Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Paradise Island Adventure Golf review: Mini-Golf collaborates with England Golf

In the heart of the Trafford Centre lives Paradise Island Adventure Golf – an indoor mini-golf activity centre which self describes as “Adventure Golf Madness in Manchester”.

Paradise Island contains two courses – Tiki Hut Trail and Temple Ruins Adventure. Both consist of 18 holes, and there are lots of funky wildlife characters and stone carvings to meet along the way.

Spanning across two levels, Paradise Island feels spacious and not overcrowded, even on a Friday night.

The courses are pretty beginner friendly and the holes themselves are fairly simple. You might have to hit the ball over a small ramp or around a corner. But as there are 18 holes to get through in each course, it keeps the game snappy and fun.

Four trainees at Paradise Island Adventure Golf
Paradise Island Adventure Golf – picture taken by Miranda Pell

Paradise Island has recently collaborated with England Golf, so we used their app, MyEG, to track our scores. As a nice addition, the app provides the par for each hole, so you could compete with the average.

It was easy and efficient to record your scores using the app. The staff also offer a pencil and  scorecard as an alternative, so you can pick whichever you prefer.

Paradise Island is a great place to flex your competitive muscles, or to enjoy a team-building activity after work. Kids would most definitely love it here, and the Tiki Hut Trail is completely push-chair (and wheelchair) accessible.

You can use iPlay and the England Golf app to to track scores and compete with friends: download the app here.

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