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Interesting things to do in Manchester

Manchester is the place to go whether you’re seeking to enjoy some of the greatest modern food in the city, learn about some of the most cutting-edge art exhibits, or catch some of the best live theatre in the nation.

When it comes to clubs, that’s all before we even start to talk about the renowned ones.

MM has compiled a definitive list of “must do” Manchester activities to make your planning process a bit simpler while you’re here.

Science and Industry Museum

The oldest train station in the world now houses the Science and Industry Museum.

A rare 1904 Rolls Royce is one of 12 exhibits in the museum’s Power Hall, which features water and steam-powered machinery from the golden period of the textile industry as well as historic vehicles built in Manchester.

There are exhibits in the Station Building that chronicle the city’s history from Roman times to the current day.

Another must-see is the gallery dedicated to the exploration of space and air. Many vintage planes may be found here, including an exact copy of A. V. Roe’s Triplane 1, the first British plane to fly successfully.

Try one of Manchester’s beautiful casinos

Manchester is one of the best-known cities in the north of England, coming second only to Liverpool depending on who you ask.

It’s a sprawling metropolis that almost rivals London in terms of what it can offer visitors, so it’s no surprise that more than a few casinos are on that list.

The key thing when it comes to how many casinos there are is what you’re classing as being ‘Manchester’.

For the benefit of this page we’d probably more accurately refer to it as ‘Greater Manchester’, given that we’re looking at the likes of Salford and Bury to find our casinos.

You can find many great casinos such as Genting Casino, Manchester 235, Grosvenor Casino Soames and many more.

If, however, you would like to play casino games and bet on sports but do not want to visit one of these premises, you can easily play these casino games and bet on sports using one of 32Red sporting bets websites and casino websites.

It would be an amazing experience to visit these casinos physically, in order to indulge in the atmosphere and have a great experience overall.

National Football Museum

Located in Manchester, England, the city is a fantastic spot to pay respect to the sport of football, since it is home to two of Europe’s best teams.

The National Football Museum should be your first port of call.

Among the remarkable artefacts on display at this football shrine are the very first rulebook and historic trophies and clothes.

In addition to fantastic short films chronicling the sport’s history, there will be lots of engaging hands-on and feet-on exhibits for children.

For more information about upcoming events and initiatives, visit their website.

Manchester Art Gallery

Aside from London, Manchester Art Gallery has one of the most extensive art collections in the UK, including Pre-Raphaelites, 17th-century Flemish painters, French impressionists like Gauguin, Manet, and Monet, and German artists like Max Ernst are all represented in the collection.

Also on display are works by well-known English painters such as John Constable, William Stubbs, and JMW Turner.

In addition to the works of Rodin, Maillol, Jacob Epstein and Henry Moore, the gallery has an extraordinary collection of sculptures.

Featured image credit: Pemolo via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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